Duration: 5 Days
Delivery method: Face-to-face or remote
Delivery language: English only
Price: Please enquire for a personalised quote below – CITB grant applicable

Our SMSTS Courses will give you the certification you need to demonstrate competence and carry out managerial tasks within the building, construction and civil engineering industries to the best of your ability. The course is a pre-requisite for a specialist contractors’ management staff, enabling them to run groups of staff on a principal contractor’s site.

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The ABC Assessment Centre is an approved CITB Site Safety Plus training course provider and we have qualified and experienced SMSTS Course tutors ready to help you gain the certification you require.

Our 5-day course is either face-to-face or remote and comprises the following key knowledge outcomes: implementing all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation affecting your daily work; implementing new guidance and industry best practice; and stating your duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment. All delegates will receive their own copy of the Awarding Organisation’s mandatory course publication, take an invigilated end-of-course exam and be sent their certificates by The ABC Assessment Centre, all of which is included in our fee.

For those who already hold a Site Management Safety Training Scheme certificate and need to renew it, we also run the Refresher SMSTS Course (SMSTS-R), which is 2 days in length and allows you to remain compliant every 5 years.

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Take a look below at the course structure and delivery method of our 5 day SMSTS Courses. When requesting or booking these courses, please specify whether you require the full course or the SMSTS-R, as well as your preferred delivery method.

This course is for those considering, or who already have, responsibilities for planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff on site (e.g. site managers).

  • All relevant legislation affecting safe working in the building, construction and civil engineering industries
  • Risk assessment in the workplace
  • Implementation of the necessary health and safety control measures
  • Adequate communication regarding health, safety and welfare

See scope of training on the CITB website

  • 100% Classroom – Presentation given by Trainer with group discussion & pointed questions

Note that the Awarding Organisation stipulates a minimum of 4 delegates per course, with a maximum of 12 for remote delivery and 20 for face-to-face delivery. The ABC Assessment Centre cannot change or appeal these cohort sizes, as per the CITB’s quality assurance requirements.

This course is assessed by an end-of-course question paper, which is invigilated by The ABC Assessment Centre either as an exam in a physical classroom or remotely via video link. To pass, delegates must achieve a pass mark of 80% or more. Resits are available if delegates fail the end-of-course question paper.

Upon passing all elements of the course assessment, CITB will send The ABC Assessment Centre all delegate certificates, which will then be forwarded on to the delegates themselves. Where certificates are sent to employers, the employer will be made aware that the certificate is the personal property of the delegate.

Certification for this course is valid for 5 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to take a refresher course before the expiry date on your certificate, otherwise the full course will need to be retaken.


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