Duration: 2 Days
Delivery method: 50% classroom, 50% practical
Delivery language: English only
Price: Please enquire for a personalised quote below – CITB grant applicable

A must for bricklayers looking to add to their key skills and knowledge of the trade! This thorough training course encompasses the correct use of copings & cappings at freestanding/retaining walls and chimneys, as well as sill types, masonry junctions & brick bonds.

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On the first day of this Sills, Copings, Cappings and Junctions course, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of brick wall construction, encompassing: openings for windows and doors, junctions at parapet level, horizontal and vertical movement joints, damp-proof courses, different types of brick bonds, copings and cappings at freestanding/retaining walls and chimneys, the characteristics of sills and their purpose, services, penetrations, fillers and sealant, etc.

The second day of the course will give you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by involving a practical element, which your Trainer will assess your competency in.

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Take a look below at the course structure and delivery method, as well as further information on how you’ll be assessed and what you’ll get when you pass this 2 day Sills, Copings, Cappings and Junctions training course.

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There are no candidate pre-requisites to take this course. However, a basic knowledge of masonry terminology and techniques would be beneficial.

  • An introduction to what sills are and where they are used in masonry construction
  • An introduction to what copings and cappings are and where they are used in masonry construction
  • An introduction to alignment methods
  • Different types of junctions and bonds used in masonry construction
  • Knowledge on weep holes, damp proofing and drip edges when using sills, copings and cappings
  • Materials and brick types used for sills, copings and cappings
  • An introduction to chimney construction and where copings and cappings are used
  • An introduction to what services and penetrations are including; fillers and sealant, windows and doors including; thermal line, moisture ingress, fire compartment, sill types and product specification

See scope of training on the CITB website

  • 50% Classroom – Presentation given by Trainer with group discussion & pointed questions
  • 50% Practical – Installing a coping / capping on top of a freestanding wall

For the successful completion of training, all learners must complete an end of course practical assessment, to be recorded by the Trainer, which measures the learning outcomes and has a pass or fail criteria

Upon successful completion of training, learners will receive an ABC Assessment Centre training certificate, as well as accreditation from CITB for competency in Sills, Copings, Cappings and Junctions

Non-mandatory refresher training every 3 years

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