Duration: 2 Days
Delivery method: 50% classroom, 50% practical
Delivery language: English only
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Learn how to cut and drill like an expert! All the cutting and drilling techniques and skills you’ll need to carry out your role as a bricklayer safely, effectively and competently – all on one comprehensive 2-day course.

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On the first day of this Masonry Cutting and Drilling course, you’ll start off by doing a recap of what work is covered by masonry cutting and drilling, followed by an overview of abrasive wheels, other cutting tools and drills and their components. You’ll learn how to use the tools safely and effectively, taking into account a number of Health & Safety considerations, how to inspect them for damage and keep records, and how to handle, store and operate them correctly.

On the second day, you’ll recap what you learned on the first day, before moving on to cutting and drilling masonry in a site environment, under instruction from your Trainer at all times.

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Take a look below at the course structure and delivery method, as well as further information on how you’ll be assessed and what you’ll get when you pass this 2 day Masonry Cutting and Drilling training course.

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To take this course, candidates must hold a valid abrasive wheels certificate. A good knowledge of bricklaying terminology, tools and techniques would also be beneficial

  • A brief review of abrasive wheel training
  • What the different tools for cutting and drilling masonry are
  • The different blades and components used for cutting and drilling masonry
  • The hazards when cutting and drilling masonry
  • The risk assessment checks needed before using masonry cutting or drilling equipment
  • When to use masonry cutting and drilling and what type of work it covers
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • How to inspect for damages to equipment and retain records
  • How to prepare, handle and cut masonry using an abrasive wheel
  • How to prepare, handle and drill masonry using a masonry drill

See scope of training on the CITB website

  • 50% Classroom – Presentation given by Trainer with group discussion & pointed questions
  • 50% Practical – How to prepare, handle and cut masonry using a an abrasive wheel and how to prepare, handle and drill masonry using a masonry drill

For the successful completion of training, all learners must complete an end of course practical assessment, to be recorded by the Trainer, which measures the learning outcomes and has a pass or fail criteria

Upon successful completion of training, learners will receive an ABC Assessment Centre training certificate, as well as accreditation from CITB for competency in Masonry Cutting and Drilling

Non-mandatory refresher training every 5 years

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