Duration: 1 Day
Delivery method: 50% classroom, 50% practical
Delivery language: English only
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Everything you need to know about insulation boards in one course! Learn about the different insulation materials and products available for internal, external and cavity wall construction, as well as techniques for correct fitting and avoiding cold bridging.

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This Bonding, Taping and Positioning Insulation Board course starts off with an overview of the different insulation board types available for internal, external and cavity walls, including the installation methods for each. Then, you’ll learn about the importance of getting the bonding, taping and positioning of insulation boards right all-around a building’s structure, as well as finding out about the consequences of non-compliance.

In the afternoon, you’ll have the chance to install insulation boards into a cavity, according to the instructions given by your Trainer and paying particular attention to their bonding, taping and positioning.

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Take a look below at the course structure and delivery method, as well as further information on how you’ll be assessed and what you’ll get when you pass this 1 day Bonding, Taping and Positioning Insulation Board training course.

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There are no candidate pre-requisites to take this course. However a basic knowledge of bricklaying terminology, tools and techniques would be beneficial.

  • An overview on insulation in a building and where it can be used
  • The types of insulation boards available for internal wall
  • The types of insulation boards available for external wall
  • The types of insulation boards available for cavity wall
  • Methods of internal wall insulation
  • Methods of external wall insulation
  • Methods of cavity wall insulation
  • Importance of correct bonding and taping and consequences of non-compliance
  • Understanding manufacturers’ specification
  • Materials, equipment and components used when positioning bonding and taping insulation board
  • Health and safety considerations
  • How to bond insulation boards
  • How to tape insulation boards
  • How to position insulation boards

See scope of training on the CITB website

  • 50% Classroom – Presentation given by Trainer with group discussion & pointed questions
  • 50% Practical – Fitting insulation boards to a cavity wall as per specifications

For the successful completion of training, all learners must complete an end of course practical assessment, to be recorded by the Trainer, which measures the learning outcomes and has a pass or fail criteria

Upon successful completion of training, learners will receive an ABC Assessment Centre training certificate, as well as accreditation from CITB for competency in fixing insulation boards and how to Bond, Tape and Position as per specification.

Non-mandatory refresher training every 5 years

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