Duration: 2 Days
Delivery method: 50% classroom, 50% practical
Delivery language: English only
Price: Please enquire for a personalised quote below – CITB grant applicable

Become an expert soffit installer! From lightweight modular systems to precast concrete soffits and lintels, get trained on the latest brick soffit solutions on the market today and how to fit them according to manufacturers’ specifications.

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On the first day of this course, you’ll learn about the advantages of brick soffit systems over traditional methods, as well as how the latest innovations and technologies allow for their use in buildings over 18m in height. You’ll become familiar with the components used in brick soffit systems, the tools required for their installation, plus Health and Safety considerations such as how to move, handle and store them safely onsite.

On the second day of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice by installing a lightweight brick soffit system to a masonry support angle with the correct positioning, alignment, drilling, fixing, torqueing, etc.

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Take a look below at the course structure and delivery method, as well as further information on how you’ll be assessed and what you’ll get when you pass this 2 day Brick Soffit Systems training course.

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There are no candidate pre-requisites to take this course. However, a basic knowledge of the reading drawings, the use of drills, fixings, torque wrenches, tape measures and spirit levels/laser levels would be beneficial. An understanding of brick gauging and coursing would also be useful to assist in understanding the setting out and interface between soffit systems and handset facing brickwork.

  • Introduction to brick soffit systems and what they are used for
  • Types of brick soffit systems
  • Advantages of brick soffit systems
  • Introduction to how brick soffit systems are manufactured and components used
  • Available products for brick soffit systems
  • Tools and equipment used when installing a brick soffit system
  • Health and Safety considerations when installing a brick soffit system
  • Moving, handling and storing brick soffit systems onsite
  • Reading manufacturers’ specifications and drawings for installation of brick soffit systems
  • Understanding construction details related to brick soffit systems
  • How to fix a brick soffit system from manufacturers’ specification following the installation process

See the scope of training on the CITB website

  • 50% Classroom – Presentation given by Trainer with group discussion & pointed questions
  • 50% Practical – Fitting a modular brick soffit system to a manufacturer’s specifications

For the successful completion of training, all learners must complete an end of course practical assessment, to be recorded by the Trainer, which measures the learning outcomes and has a pass or fail criteria

Upon successful completion of training, learners will receive an ABC Assessment Centre training certificate, as well as accreditation from CITB for competency in Installing Brick Soffit Systems

Recommended refresher training every 5 years

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